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RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms : The Future Purpose of Video

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                   This video represent a significant change in style and purpose from the mainstream world of web videos. Currently, the overall focus of web videos appears to be primarily for entertainment purposes. Some videos target the college student audience, while others appeal to younger and older generations; yet they all seem to carry the same purpose – entertainment.

            This video is done in an extremely unique style by Sir Ken Robinson, of the RSA  (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts). It has an educational focus, but with an entertaining style to capture the attention of its viewers. It features a hand drawing a cartoon comic style picture, while delivering educational facts regarding the current education system’s flaws, along with economic trends. It represents the future of web video, as it has already had 3,788,133 views on YouTube. This is striking in that such a large number of people are tuning into this educational video instead of looking to YouTube for only entertainment purposes.

             Aside from the unique quality of video itself, people’s reactions to the video represent a new age of the purpose of web videos. These are three of many individuals who left comments on YouTube to this video, and I felt that these represented the reactions of most people. They were having a civil debate about the video in a way that made people more educated and aware. They offered different perspectives and ideas. This is a dramatic change from typical YouTube comments which are normally people posting meaningless reactions such as “awesommeee” and the occasional witty comment. People seem to be having actual intellectual debates with each other about an educational video, and in my opinion, that represent where the future of web video should go. A combination of entertainment and education should be made easily available to the public, as demonstrated in this video.

  • @nano4288 All modern & modernizing societies do produce enough high cognitive types to fill the positions for such in the society, allowing for some inter-society sharing (ie, Asians to USA). Only the high cognitive types make what is needed by all for better & more efficient survival, which is pretty much all life is about, or has to be about first in order to have surplusses for entertainment, religion, art, etc. Only the high cognitive types produce prosperity, the rest share in the excess.


  • @nano4288 The cognitive ability is in born and physical, and likely determined by genetics but the genes have not yet been identified. Further evidence of the gene cause of high cognitive ability is the inverse relationship between athletic ability and high cognitive ability. Also, Brahmins in India have been breeding themselves for +5000 years for high cognitive ability and that seems to work. High cognitives are usually developing early because there is also a speed of thought component.


  • @rh001YT I disagree that many people lack those qualities. Those qualities are ones which, in my opinion, must be taught. One problem with education is that it starts so early. There are many developmental changes that we go through in early childhood. A kindergarten teacher with a class of 4 year olds will probably see cognitive abilities that range from those typically expected of a 2 year old to those expected of a 6 or 7 year old. The issue is that those who are slower are not incapable…..


  • TransitionBaltimore I think there’s a lot of value in what is being said within this animation. A lot of things in this world are changing and will require us to ask questions about who we are as a culture.

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My first newsletter is launch!

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Lectures worth spreading.. . class 6910 lectures!

Hi Com 6910 fellows,

I posted the link for whoever want to replay the lectures from Dr. John Heckathorn and guess speakers.

Here is the link for listening the voice memo that i have recorded in class;

Guest Speaker: Mary Fastenau, president StarrTech Interactive




John Heckathorn : History of the communication & media




Guest Speaker: John Garcia,digital innovation strategist for Kamehameha Schools




Guest Speaker: Derek Paiva, HAWAII Magazine




Guest Speaker: Ryan Ozawa,blogger





John Heckathorn & Tim : “How to” create newsletter




Hope it helps,
Yummy Cherry

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Top 3 Thai restaurants on the island of Oahu from Thai’s voice

Living and study aboard is uneasy in general. Not only, living with people from different cultures and languages but also surviving with unfamiliar food. The good thing is Hawaii is the place where you can find all kind of Asian food.
I have been touring around the island and tried several restaurants for the food from my hometown. I have found the very authentic and well balancing of five flavors (spicy, salty, sweet, sour and bitter) of Thai food that making me think of what I used to have back home.

Here are the winners of my top 3 favorite Thai restaurants on the island, the guideline of the overall qualities, and the review from what my tongue says.

3. Bangkok Chef

Place : Nuuanu Ave, East Manoa
Price range: $ 5.50 – $7
Star: the price and quick service

If ever you’re craving from some good, authentic and quick Thai food in a good bargain you can find, I would definitely recommend Bangkok Chef. There have variety dishes, my favorite are Thai fried rice with the mix of different kind of vegetable, Thai basil with pork with the bamboo shoot. I remembered one time I ordered those two menu and spring rolls with all for about $18. Oh, and don’t for get to ask for the fresh chili with the fish sauce for the more tasty.

2. S&T Thai restaurants

Place : Walmart/ Ala Moana
Price range: $ 7.95 – $12
Star: wide array of Thai spicy foods

A great little place directly across from Walmart, and and just a stone’s throw from Ala Moana, so it’s a great spot to stop for some eats during/after shopping. The ambience is very casual, and the place – bright, neat and tidy. For me, this is a place for everyday eat out because I born for spicy food. If you’re feeling the need for some tropical heat, bomb Thai hot spicy papaya salad (ask for Soni) with sticky rice and crispy fried chicken with the sweet chili sauce should be one menu of the your choice. Be careful of the level of spiciness, because if you ask for Thai hot spicy, they mean it. Also, the portion size was huge and enough for two people or for lunch the next day.

1. Phuket Thai

Place : Kamake’e, Mccully, Millilani
Price range: $ 17 – $30
Star: atmosphere and best curries

This is my favorite place to hang out with my Thai friends and Thai food lover place. Kamake’e location is my favorite. The dining room is very spacious, yet also quiet and relaxing. With good atmosphere and a little bar in the corner, it makes me more enjoying my food. I highly recommend all kinds of curries, if you enjoy curries. All of them are very creamy and thick plus the sheer taste and creamy texture of the curry will make you forget the spiciness. Also, the curry is full of flavor and the smell is simply divine.

Imm Aroi kub aharn Thai (Stay hungry and enjoy Thai food)

Cherry Donlapak E.

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Phone application

Last week lecture, we talked about  the evaluation of the internet that transform to enable for other devices beside computer – Mobile phone device

In this week assignment, I would like to talk about the mobile application because it is a smart, simple and powerful information sharing tool . Mobile application offers information or tools that make people’s lives easier and more convenient. Back in the day, the people experience was absolutely terrible and the lack of a data connection. I remember that I had to type one by one character on the small screen to get into the web site and at the time the apps were also very limited in functionality. claimed that in the US 43 per cent of mobile phones are classed in the smartphone bracket and this percentage is rapidly increasing. (

In this moment, mobile applications integrate into my everyday life completely. I am an iPhone users. I like to download application from the iTune strore (app portal) that I’m interested in. For example, when I was on the bus to school I was reading news on CNN,  when I feel like to learn Spanish I just click one icon and direct me to the lesson.

If you have smart phone in hand, you can go or It will tell you the latest, popular application in the apps world and also the recommendation from app downloader peeps.

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Linkedin and I

In next five years, I want to be a part of the digital media leader team in Mindshare Company (USA). Mindshare is one of the biggest media agencies in the world. After I had my undergrad in Communication Arts minor advertising in 2007, and worked for Mindshare (Thailand) as a digital media planner for over a year.

To extend me, as a brand, I would like to use Linkedin as one of the tool to help me achieve my goal. I believe in making networks. I believe that if I talk with the right person in the right time it helps me to be “Someone in the organization” faster. To pursue that goal using Linkedin is one of the wisest way to get into those professional people. I start building professional relationship with Mindshare people around the world from that. I look at the profile of each potential people that I can connect with and try to get in touch with them. I can search for the contacts/companies that I want to reach and find who has a relationship and ping them for help. To avoid being a networking spam, I was very careful about building my profile to not become one of the pollution in the networks for example, I have good recommendations from the potential people such as my bosses, co-workers, professors and so on. At least five more years, I could better get a lot of connections.

The future of new happening business networking website will keep growing. I believe in next five years Linkedin will still be the number one professional networking sites after all.  My suggestion of Linkedin should have is that it should have a job portal like functionalities available in the site. Since all discussions are mostly take place in private, there is little chance of a clutter on the site for such exchanges. I could get to know more people and have a chance to talk widen my connection. Linkedin should also breaking down language barriers and provide multi-lingual capabilities for at least the major languages and some form of computerized translation.

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